Possibly you are wondering: How much does “Taraz” indicate?

Possibly you are wondering: How much does “Taraz” indicate?

Better, predicated on an enthusiastic Armenian dictionary, Taraz has some definitions. They are setting, figure visa den, create, styles, ways, manner, research, appearance, algorithm, outfit, consistent, top. We are going to play with all of those terminology to spell it out the standard national skirt out-of Armenia otherwise Taraz.

The appearance of such clothes gradually altered from centuries, depending on of numerous items. Included in this, the available choices of furs, fabric, precious metals, jewelry, embroidery experiences, lacework, climate, and functions. This type of clothing conveyed category name, condition in daily life, wide range, regional name, and you may gender. Let us have a look at these old-fashioned clothing slowly altered over the years.

A reputation TARAZ

Needless to say, to start with, some body used really essentially, practical attire to keep loving and you may survive. Slowly, on the regarding the fresh new fabrics, dyes, and you can fasteners-clothing took on visual opinions as well as being practical. The first basic material found in Armenian attire were fleece and you can cotton fiber. In advance of that have their own silk development, Armenians imported silk out of China. The new cotton fabrics turned a symbol of wealth.

This new Taraz got of a lot influences regarding the centuries. Such included the fresh Byzantine, Roman, Arabic, Persian, Russian while others. These types of influences helped shape the style of brand new Taraz. You will find historical significance on the development of your national outfit.

Our company is capable regulate how attire developed thanks to surviving ancient frescoes and you may graphic. There are also authored documents detailing the dresses throughout the day. This type of surviving info help to chronicle this new historical innovation and visual innovation of one’s Taraz.

Color out-of Armenian National Taraz

Shade were used getting dying, dependant on brand new offered pigments in the region. The newest tone utilized in the brand new Armenian Taraz started to take on unique significance. By the 14th century, Armenian philosopher Grigor Tatevatsi told me the fresh prominent areas of the Taraz. This new black is of the environment, light try of your liquids, the fresh purple is actually of one’s air and you may reddish is of your fire. Later on, yellow is getting expertise, reddish having bravery, bluish getting heavenly fairness and you will white having prudence.

You could potentially give many things about the person who is wearing the newest Taraz. It would be possible, particularly, to choose whether your body’s partnered otherwise solitary because of the color of brand new Taraz. This might be a very important setting for someone trying to interest a married relationship lover. Out of this, you will find one a great boy’s otherwise girl’s Taraz create grab to the an alternative meaning as they became with the the adulthood. Brand new bride’s unique Taraz would protect their unique of evil pushes.

Taraz as well as indicated the person’s lifetime. They shown the riches in addition to quantity of students. The new women’s clothes might have ornamental embroidery. If she try prosperous, her clothes was indeed adorned with silver and gold threads. The latest female’s apron might have the tree out of lives decorations with it. And, this may possess attractive facets representing stuff she used in their lifestyle like scissors, dishes, and you may pitchers. These types of icons was in fact meant to indicate their particular modesty and you may softness.

Jewellery to own Taraz

Taraz was decorated which have jewellery that would had been passed from the generations. The brand new outfits would also become accented having gold necklaces and you may necklaces. The very last part of brand new outfit was brand new headdress. A married woman will have a more sophisticated “tower” coating half their own temple. It tower will have ribbons having embellished geometrical habits embroidered for the it. They tied their temple which have a ribbon, decorated which have gold otherwise gold coins, and you will repaired silver golf balls over their particular temples. The fresh headdress occured towards the with white headscarves.

Feminine varied its external clothes based upon the heat and seasons. Embellished coats and you may caftans was superimposed for the getting defense against the cold. These certain areas of brand new Taraz ranged in different regions of Armenia. Historic circumstances and regional tradition determined the brand new fabric and you can precious jewelry of characteristics.


Although we was targeting the newest ladies’ Taraz, new men’s room garments was also titled a beneficial Taraz. The fresh new clothing primarily were made from cotton fiber, cotton otherwise wool. Brand new men’s room clothing is long-sleeved, which have a neckband adorned having embroidery. Across the shirt, they dressed in an excellent caftan and you will a jacket as opposed to fasteners. Sometimes they wore a jacket away from fur. Their trousers was basically constantly extremely shed and you can comfy. A man’s strip are a symbol. A gold belt was thought to be symbolic of his readiness, and you will a wonderful strip displayed his riches.

Taraz Now

Nowadays, you aren’t planning get a hold of Armenians heading about their each day lifetime wearing the conventional Taraz. Thank goodness that build components of their federal costume found the means to their latest manner. They act as a highlight and an indication of their rich early in the day.

Now, the only access to old-fashioned Armenian Taraz are presented to the fresh new societal through everyone and you can federal moving teams. Wherever they are, they dance with these beautiful clothes and provide Armenian history and you may the fresh community abroad.

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